Figure out Why Ethereal Sandstorm Treks Are Important in Diablo 2 for the Dueling Assassin (Part B).

Sandstorm Trek is actually a pair of distinct Scarabshell Boots. It has a couple of really good mods, however may be a little underwhelming for diablo 2 items  , except for perhaps Assassins that make use of Martial Arts as well as boots to handle their enemies.

( Continued coming from Part A).

+10 -15 To Vigor (differs).

This function as a little improvement to your character’s favorite factors, with the perk assisting fray characters more, since they acquire more favorite factors per point in Vitality. Nonetheless, more smash hit points benefits any course, any type of develop.

50% Slower Stamina Drain.

A nice idea, but as per above, at Amount 64, you must definitely certainly not be possessing any type of troubles along with Endurance.

Poisonous substance Resist +40 -70% (varies).

The boost to Poisonous substance Protection differs notably, yet if you’re privileged adequate to grab a set of best Sandstorm Treks, it would certainly offer you 70% Poison Resistance, which would be actually an incredibly outstanding quantity.

Repairs 1 Longevity Every 20 Seconds.

The only one who would certainly discover this mod practical are actually the aforementioned Assassins that make use of Fighting style as well as Boots to dispatch of their enemies. Considering that ethereal tools possess a significant improvement to their statistics, an Ethereal Sandstorm Trip would approve a much higher Kick Damages for Kicker Assassins. Commonly, there is no way to fix an Ethereal product, so its own Durability will certainly degrade as you use the thing more and more, till the one aspect where it falls to zero, as well as you need to throw the product away considering that it is currently ineffective. Using this mod, an Assassin can gear up an Ethereal Sandstorm Trek for better zing damage, and yet have the ability to mend it by means of this self-repair mod.


The majority of gamers discover Sandstorm Trek underwhelming. While it offer a good increase to Toxin Resistance, Poisonous substance is actually some of the much less powerful harm sources in the activity, and there are other better footwear in the video game. The only player that can possibly think of Sandstorm Expedition as a feasible option for boots are actually Martial Arts Assassin, due to Sandstorm’s higher kicking damage amounts.

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